Bloom (feat. Travis from Abiotic)

by Aethere

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Bloom feat. Travis Bartosek from Abiotic
Recorded @ Sharkbite Studios & Fang Studios.


'God damned



Serpent born'
I often lay in thought alone in my head

Allowing my mind to take me to the places I fear

I’ve asked countless times

Kept track of the count

To try to prevent you from being there

I trust you

I guess I’m gullible even if I hate that two word lie

You left me no option
The light leaked to the end of the wall
I watched it stop
From it someone began to crawl
The entire room went black and I commenced to fall

Pulling me
Hands reached out from the hollow
Pulling me deeper
Pulling me

Your tongue moves so serpent-like
While you scribble frantically
"I'm sorry" escapes your lips in a rhythmic repetition
The only time you stop is to pull your eyelashes out or try to scrape your skin of me
I can no longer feel

I opened the door to an empty room
Buried everything and watched it bloom

I opened the door to an empty room
Buried everything and watched it bloom

I’ll always be dispensable

I was born on the left side of the throne

Destined to lead a life of right

Only to end in constant falling


released June 13, 2016
Music written by Aethere
Lyrics written by Josh Slater
Vocals performed by Travis Bartosek
Additional vocals performed by Josh Slater



all rights reserved


Aethere California

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